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Live Life Outdoors

The perfect afternoon: warm sunshine, an impromptu get–together with family and friends, the drinks are fl owing, the steaks are sizzling on the grill. It sounds so simple really. But adding that one crucial element—the entertainment—makes it all so perfect.

At SunBriteTV we believe that life should be lived outdoors as much as possible, under blue skies or glittering stars. And a SunBriteTV outdoor television is the perfect addition to outdoor space. Our TVs are completely weatherproof and can be installed anywhere, providing a great high defi nition entertainment experience. With sizes ranging from 32” up to 65”, there is a SunBriteTV model perfect for your backyard, patio, or other outdoor space. Go ahead and escape the confi nes of indoor living, give the indoor kitchen the weekend off, and take the party outside with a SunBriteTV.

The Only Time Tested Outdoor TV

Very few companies can boast cutting edge innovation, durability, and affordability—all in the same product. Over the past decade, SunBriteTV has consistently led the outdoor TV category in all three. Since we introduced the very fi rst outdoor TVs to the Industry in 2004, SunBriteTV has pushed the envelope to continuously improve picture performance and durability, while making the category more affordable

Engineered for Outdoor Use

Completely Safe If you look at the owner’s manual of any indoor TV you will fi nd a section that clearly prohibits the TV from any outdoor use. The legal language is there for a reason: it’s hazardous and even dangerous to use an indoor TV outside. All SunBriteTVs are designed and approved for safe outdoor use—in any weather condition. Over the last 10 years, our product safety record is perfect.

Designed for Outdoor Viewing

Indoor TVs are designed for indoor brightness levels and feature a high gloss fi nish to enhance color—all of which makes for poor outdoor viewing. All SunBriteTVs have extra bright LED displays and anti–refl ective screens to deliver clear images under daylight conditions.

Resistant to Rain & Moisture

Water of any kind—rain, sleet, snow, fog, condensation—can wreak havoc on electronic devices. All SunBriteTVs utilize specially designed powder–coated aluminum exteriors and gasketing to seal out moisture.

Water–Tight Cable Compartment

Connection ports are especially vulnerable to the elements. Even small amounts of moisture can corrode input terminals, causing the unit to fail. SunBriteTVs feature a water–tight door for the cable compartment that protects cable connections and seals out moisture.
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SunBrite 55" Outdoor TV Signature Series - SB-5570HD
  • 55” Signature Series True-Outdoor All-Weather LED Television for permanent outdoor installation
  • Bright 55-inch full HD, 1080p LED screen for improved outdoor viewing
  • Exterior designed to protect internal components from rain, snow, dust, insects, humidity, and salt air
  • Slim-profile powder-coated rust-proof aluminum exterior for strength and durability
  • Heat dispersion system keeps the unit cool and dry in temperatures up to 122 degrees F
  • Ability to operate in cold weather (-24 degrees F)
  • RS232 serial control with discrete on, off, and input control (located in the cable-entry compartment)
  • Rear IR receiver (located in the cable-entry compartment)
  • Innovative water-tight Cable Entry System seals out moisture and allows for easy hook-ups
  • Weatherproof detachable 20W speaker bar
  • Weatherproof remote control
  • Weatherproof control buttons
  • Remote Control Lock-Out prevents unauthorized users from changing the programming
  • Includes Weatherproof Detachable 20W Speaker Bar, Outdoor Dust Cover, Weatherproof Remote Control, Warranty, Manual

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