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Sonance has released what it describes as the first audiophile grade outdoor speaker. The Landscape Series comprises earth-colored satellites and subwoofers designed to blend in with foliage, trees and garden beds.

The modular system supports between four and 150 speakers, and can be designed into multiple zones with volume levels adjustable between each area. The brand says the system is suitable for deployment on everything from small patios to conference venue grounds.

The satellites are constructed from PVC composite with UV-stable color for durability, and have a powder-coated steel mesh to protect their drivers; the LS10SUB subwoofer features a textured coating around the enclosure and a Hammertone powder-coated finish on the canopy for strength and camouflage.

Durable materials, triple-sealed enclosures and waterproof connectors, combined with marine grade components allow the system to withstand surf, sun, sand, snow and salt, and work in up to 40 degrees plus temperatures. The Landscape Series is based on 70volt line technology and can be wired in series; with just a single cable run between speakers, installation time and cost is reduced.

Sonance, an early pioneer of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, says the result is "an uncompromising performance combined with minimal visual impact… creating the ideal ambience and musical presence."


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