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    Based on modular designs and complete scalability, Theatron's systems are engineered to be expandable and allow for future home control upgrades. Enhancing the features of your smart home as time and lifestyle permits is a breeze. From simple media room control, to a fully integrated whole house audio, video and automation system, or even non-invasive retrofit solutions with very little wiring. Theatron can meet the demands of any installations. Call Theatron today to see a demonstration of the Savant system in our N. Virginia showroom.Please complete the following questions to prepare a quote

  • House Status
    When designing your home. Make sure you wire for the future.
  • Square Footage:
  • Entertainment Zones

    A good home control system integrates all your remote controls and dramatically simplifies your system. Intuitive touch screens make these systems easy enough for a child to use, yet provide sophisticated programming to ensure everything works in perfect harmony. With one touch, you can control multiple components, set inputs, and then adjust volume and channels to a predefined setting.

  • Video Zones
    Get the equipment out of the room. We locate all the video sources in a mechanical room and distribute the signals to the local TV's
  • Audio Zones
    Enjoy independent music zones thru out your entire home. Control with your iPod,iPhone or iPad. Place speakers in the ceiling and all the equipment in the mechanical room
  • Stand Alone Video Zones
    These zones contain all the equipment need for the individual room. (EX) Cable Box, DVD,Video Game all in one room attached to one TV in the room
  • Lighting & Energy Management

    Transform your home with our lighting modules and see how easy it is to set the perfect mood. Add climate and energy monitoring modules to track your usage and reduce your monthly bills. Setting the mood has never been easier than with our lighting and shade solutions. Likewise, our energy modules make it easy to curb consumption while giving you control over your HVAC system.

  • Lighting Zone
    A zone is typically one set of lights. Ex A master bedroom may have sconces,recessed and cove lighting. This would be 3 zones
  • Shading
    We carry motorized and non motorized shades,rods and cellular shades
  • Climate (HVAC) Control
    Control your HVAC from anywhere in the world. (internet connection required)
  • Energy Monitoring
    Monitor the energy usage in your home from anywhere. Receive alerts if a circuit is on too long or drawing too much power.
  • Security Systems

    Know the status of every door and window in your home by receiving alerts in your e-mail. Check the status of your doors and windows from anywhere in the world. (Requires Internet Connection)

  • Exterior Doors
  • If Yes Number of Doors
  • Exterior Windows
  • If Yes Number of Windows
  • Smoke / Fire Detection
  • Carbon & Gas Detector
  • Water Leak Detector
  • Freeze Detector
  • Control Options

    We can control almost anything. Below are some ideas for you to consider

  • Driveway Gates
  • Garage Doors
  • Pool & Spa
  • Water Feature (Fountains)
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