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Runco 3Dimension Series Projectors

3D Done Right 
Flawless stereoscopic video reproduction that is unlike anything else in the home or private cinema market 

Constant Stereoscopic Video (CSV) 
3D visualization technology that is based on the science of how the human eye and brain process actual depth and dimension in real life

No-compromise performance 
Delivering a spectacular 2D and 3D viewing experience with zero compromise

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Runco D-73d Runco D-113d

Runco D-73d

Runco D-113d

Runco 3D home theater projectors. You can use the Runco Signature Cinema SC-60D or the D-73D and you will have a fantastic home theater experience. If you live in Virginia, maryland or washington DC call Theateron, your Runco authorized dealer for sales and service