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ELITE by Pioneer offers a higher end alternative to the regular Pioneer audio video product line.

Every PIONEER® and ELITE® A/V receiver comes with Advanced Sound Retriever DSP technology, which significantly improves the sound quality of compressed audio such as WMA, MP3 and AAC, realizing an upper limit frequency of 20 kHz. This technology also enhances the audio quality of XM® and SIRIUS® Satellite Radio.


ELITE bluray players include an advanced 3D Noise Reduction circuit that monitors the four blurring effects that make up 3D Noise (chrominance, luminance, block and mosquito). The result is a picture virtually free of noise, blurring, distortion and other inconsistencies.

To enhance the performance of Bluray Disc® movies even further, Pioneer's proprietary and advanced
PureCinema™ Deinterlacer essentially eliminates lines that can negatively affect the viewing experience.

All these advanced video adjustments and noise reduction circuits help to ensure that you get the most out of all your Blu-ray and DVD discs. And better still, with the new Marvell® QDEO™ Processor now available in our Elite® BDP-09FD, utterly uncompromised format conversion and video processing have become the new standard.

ELITE features high end AV Receivers, DVD, Bluray players, and speakers with no compromise performance and extended warranties.

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Pioneer Elite BDP-52FD Pioneer Elite VSX-40 7.1 AV Receiver Pioneer Elite BDP-53FD

Pioneer Elite BDP-52FD

With the Elite VSX-40, entry level has been taken to the next level. Available under $500, the VSX-40 has been designed for those ready to advance to the next tier and experience their home entertainment from an entirely different and satisfying perspective. With its exceptional state-of-the-art performance and specifications, the VSX-40 offers uncompromising standards of engineering, manufacturing and testing to deliver a home entertainment experience you haven?t had until now.

McIntosh Labs CS100

Pioneer Elite VSX-50 7.1 AV Receiver Pioneer Elite VSX-53 7.1 AV Receiver with Airplay PIONEER ELITE SC-55 A/V RECEIVER
Drawing on Elites long history as an industry leader in high performance video and tuning techniques, we?ve designed image enhancement and fine-tuning for each video source into the VSX-50 to maximize your TV?s performance. The VSX-50 converts analog video signals to HDMI and scales both analog and digital signals up to 1080p resolution to best match your TV?s capabilities. Elite understands that extraordinary audio and video reproduction is merely the price of entry. With unprecedented level of control and sophistication for the serious enthusiast, the VSX-50 delivers all these technologies to create the quintessential home theater experience, both now and in the future. Only the most technologically advanced receivers can immerse you in the audio experience so realistically, you believe you?re there. Such is the capability of the Elite VSX-53, exceeding even the highest expectations with the truest, most realistic audio fidelity for your home entertainment system. Designed for those who settle for nothing less than the very best, its state-of-the-art performance and specifications are the result of uncompromising standards of engineering, manufacturing and testing. With the VSX-53, your entertainment experience is simply unrivaled. A new flagship. A new class of receiver Introducing the new flagship receiver of the Elite line: the SC-57. It wouldn't be an overstatement to call the new Elite SC-57 one of the most revolutionary receivers ever produced. Or that the industry has ever seen. Until now digital amplification - categorized as Class-D devices - have received little or no respect from a cautious and hesitant industry. Unable to conquer the challenges of "digital", A/V receiver manufacturers have sought refuge in the comfort zone of analog Class-A/B amplifiers. One problem with that is analog amplifiers have had essentially the same design for the last fifty years, leaving little room for further performance enhancements. Another is the multi-channel soundtracks now available on Blu-ray Disc simply cannot be maximized or enjoyed to their full potential through conventional analog A/B amplification. Pioneer understood early the massive power output potential of Class-D amplification, and made the bold decision to produce multi-channel amplifiers that more than rise to the occasion of bringing the new audio dimension that Blu-ray Disc provides to the home theater enthusiast. The Elite SC-57 is the third generation of Class-D amplifiers for Pioneer, and as such we've designated it in a class all its own: