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Silver RX is Monitor Audio's stunning mid-market speaker range. Classically configured and crafted using our finest proven technologies, Silver RX offers the widest appeal by providing a truly affordable audiophile performance from a slender décor-friendly design. Techniques and materials refined for our flagship models are deployed comprehensively throughout each of the seven RX designs, which combine in matching stereo and multi-channel systems to provide a dynamic blend of audio accuracy, exceptional build quality and design excellence.

Resplendent in a choice of premium quality real wood veneers: Rosenut, Natural Oak, Walnut, Black Oak, and high-gloss black or white piano finishes, the ravishing RX series relies on Monitor Audio's most prestigious science for its proven class-leading sound quality. The RX cabinets are constructed from 19mm MDF throughout (25mm for RXW12 subwoofer), and in conjunction with bolt-through driver bracing, employ additional radial and cross-bracing for high box rigidity and low cabinet colouration. Magnetic grille fixing makes attaching and removing the grille easier and provides a cleaner look when the grille is removed. Using FEA (Finite Elemental Analysis) we have developed new ways to shape our C-CAM® driver material in the cause of even greater fidelity. We've precision-tuned the RX tweeter design, bringing higher sensitivity and a wider bandwidth for finer high frequency resolution. Advanced computer simulations and intensive listening sessions have optimised the performance of the RST® (Rigid Surface Technology) mid-range/bass drivers as well. Their super-stiff dimpled profiles are more resistant to break-up under high drive conditions and so produce a wider range of purer frequencies.

In developing the finest traditions of the brand, the Silver RX range offers a performance that will satisfy and endure. For music or home theatre applications, Monitor Audio’s Silver RX has the perfect mix of virtues for 21st Century living.


  • Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium (C-CAM®) drivers
  • C-CAM® Gold dome tweeter
  • Rigid Diaphragm Technology (RDT®) mid-range and bass drivers
  • Bolt-through Driver design
  • HiVe® II High Velocity reflex port
  • Real wood veneer and lacquer finishes
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Monitor Audio Silver RX1 (Pair) Monitor Audio Silver RX Center (Each) Monitor Audio Silver RX FX (Pair)
The diminutive RX1 is configured to offer an impressively natural, rhythmic sound in a beautifully compact and practical form. Standing at just 312mm tall, the RX1 will deliver faithful crystal-clear definition and power from just about anywhere. Perfect for music and film sound where space is at a premium, the RX1 provides elite Monitor Audio quality to refresh and enliven your system. The role of a centre-channel speaker is to reproduce up to 60% of a movie soundtrack, including the critical dialogue content, yet by the sound of some rival systems, surprisingly little time is devoted to its design. The exceptional RX Centre proves the old adage that you get out what you put in. It’s been very finely calibrated to match the dynamics and timbre of other RX speakers for a wonderfully open, detailed and seamless front sound stage in any RX system configuration. We’ve tuned the RX Centre’s multi-driver components to deliver the optimal combination of sonic virtue and size, so that the velvet subtlety of whispers and the explosive force of action scenes are conveyed with equal priority by a compact design that’s perfect for the role. It’s widely understood that the sound of surround TVs cannot compete with the excitement of a properly designed and equalised home theatre system. But great sound comes at the expense of living space…until now. The wall-hugging RX-FX surround speaker reconciles the problem by providing a convincing, enveloping timbre-consistent surround sound that places you on the edge of your seat and at the heart of the action. Discreet enough to be flush-mounted on side or rear walls, the RX-FX design will blend with the system and your décor so completely you’ll wonder why you ever thought of compromise. It’s also immensely flexible sonically, offering direct or diffuse sound effects at the flick of a switch.
Monitor Audio Silver RX2 (Pair) Monitor Audio Silver RX6 (Pair) Monitor Audio Silver RXW-12
The larger RX2 is designed as an audiophile compact 2-way speaker, having the efficiency and bandwidth of a much larger speaker, while being easier to position around the home. It offers extended high frequencies to resolve hidden detail, coupled with immense dynamic headroom and bass depth, so that all the delicacy and drama of your favourite music and film sound is revealed. The elegant floor-standing RX6 design places the new wider bandwidth RX tweeter in concert with freshly designed 6” C-CAM® bass and 6” C-CAM® bass/mid drivers to form a balanced two-and-a-half way system. For its success a multi-channel film sound mix relies on the profound structural underlay of a properly designed sub-bass engine.
Monitor Audio Silver RX8 (Pair)

Monitor Audio

RX8 Speakers

A feat of ergonomic brilliance by our design team has engineered the greater poise and power of a large three-way loudspeaker into the svelte RX8. Its ultra-slim front profile conceals a deeper cabinet, which provides the volume needed for seismic levels of bass from dual 6” bass drivers. A single 6” bass/mid driver delivers naturally vibrant midrange sound, while a newly developed C-CAM® gold dome tweeter smoothly extends high frequency performance to a point way beyond the upper limit of the audible spectrum. Sheer control, open dynamics and wide bandwidth illuminate the sound of the RX8: a very big speaker disguised as a very slender one.

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